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The philosophy of Edge glass is to provide innovative glass solutions for its clients to make a safe and smart living environment.

Edgeglass offers you cutting-edge smart glass technology, an exclusive brand produced and tailored for consumer’s commercial or personal use. Edgeglass strives to enrich consumers lives by optimising glass function and guaranteeing maximum benefit. The solution to current the limitations of traditional glass, is our multi-functional smart glass technology Edgeglass.

Our Products


A Smart – Switchable Film that transforms an ordinary Glass Window or a Partition into Smart Glass with controllable transparency.

Through Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, (PDLC) Edge Glass can instantaneously transform fromtransparent to opaque and vice-versa, by changingthe alignment of liquid crystals with the flick of a switch.

When the power is switched on, an electric current passes through the glass aligning the liquid crystals, making the glass transparent. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals randomly disperse, scattering the light that passes through, making the glass opaque.


Available in double rail, double rail with mesh and triple rail options. Flexibility of customizing window and door types as per requirements. Multi-chambered profiles for better heat and sound insulation.Profile gradient and integrated water drainage system to keep rain water out.


Executive Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Open office spaces

Edge glass, a multi-functional smart office design, with a myriad of diverse applications, for which traditional infrastructure does not allow. The dual function of Edge glass creates a diverse approach to office use. Privacy glass can conveniently transform into a transparent space to enlarge open office environment when unoccupied. Alternatively, for Executive meetings, Board meetings, Conference room calls and Business presentations, the Privacy glass can transform into a Private Conference room setting.

Additional features include, 100% noise cancelling, for noise free meetings. Furthermore, Edge glass enables projection capability, offering a smart board and projector screen, perfect for smooth, worry free presentations at the press of a button.

Finally, need a private setting for a function or professional gathering? This transformable opaque feature allows for Private gatherings including birthdays, promotions, and career development presentations, without the need for a separate private function room.

Bathroom/ Shower Enclosures, Partitions, Rooftop Windows

Edge glass offers a modernized, unique guest experience reconceptualising premium luxury and satisfaction. Guests have the opportunity to change this smart glass infrastructure from transparent to opaque, based on their own individual preferences.


Edgeglass can transform the residential living place for nuanced and ever-changing home owner’s needs. With a growing family, such needs develop. Edgeglass caters for family orientated living spaces by creating multi-faceted home architecture. Edgeglass, used for partitions, can enable access to various rooms when necessary.

Nurseries, Emergency Rooms, Patient Rooms, Operation Rooms, Clinic Partitions, ICU Doors

Hospital Infrastructure requires human sensitivity, respect and comfort. For patients, their families and loved ones, such conditions are of extreme priority. Edge glass offers privacy like never before. Give out-patients and clinic patients the experience of a private room with Edge glass Privacy film.

Suited also for Intensive care units where noise cancelation, comfort and privacy are required for optimal recovery

Edge glass also benefits staff through providing smart glass projection for optimal Doctor patient interaction, with visual projection guaranteeing optimal medical explanations.

Edgeglass can furthermore benefit Doctors and medical staff, with projection capability creating premium spaces for medical training and presentation purposes.


Create high definition showroom displays, without blocking space.

Edgeglass can operate as an announcement display screen, increasing product visibility, thus increasing sales and profit.

With increased visual effect creating 3 dimensional product display and promotion, Edgeglass can also create a new and interactive experience for your customer, allowing greater customer familiarity and contact with your product.


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