A Smart – Switchable Film that transforms an ordinary Glass Window or a Partition into Smart Glass with controllable transparency.

What is Edge Glass?

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) based Edge Glass can be turned from transparent to oapque or vice-versa in a split second, by changing the alignment of liquid crystals with the flick of a switch.

When the electric current is switched on, liquid crystals within the film align in one direction, which makes the glass transparent. In the power-off mode, these liquid crystals are randomly dispersed, scattering the light that passes through, making the glass opaque.

How it works?


General Specifications Thickness 0.6 mm
Warranty 2 Years
Life Span  Over 10 Years (Indoors)
Optical Specifications Parallel Light Transmission On Mode > 81%
Off Mode < 2%
Visible Light Transmission On Mode > 81%
Off Mode > 50%
Haze On Mode <6%
View Angle 150°
Electrical Power Consumption On Mode > 81%
Response Time On →Off - 10ms
Off →On - 20ms
Environmental Durable Temperature -30°  to 100°  C
UV Block On Mode > 81%
Off Mode < 2%
IR Rejection On Mode > 81%
Off Mode < 2%

Product Variants

  1. EGSelf adhesive films- Switchable adhesive film has an adhesive side that is dry applied to the surface of any smooth glass surface and can be easily installed in the field. The outer surface of the film is hard coated and scratch resistant.
  2. EG Laminated Glass- switchable film is sandwiched between two sheets of glass and two sheets of interlayer adhesive. Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a clear conductor that is coated on the inside of PET plastic films, which are sandwiched around the LC droplets encapsulated in a polymer matrix. PET/ITO films conduct the electrical current that causes the liquid crystals to align and thus render the glass transparent

Advantages of Edge Glass