EdgeGlass is a leading supplier of smartglass technology. In less than 2 years, Edgeglass has become the fastest growing smartglassstart-up supplier with a robust presence in major national and international markets. Clients include Nokia, Marvel Technologies, Aster group of Hospital, Residency group of hotel etc.

EdgeGlass has recently partnered with Daunon, South Korea, to expand our research and development into advanced technology based solutions, and established subsidiary firms in Malaysia, to strengthen our global presence.Our brand expertise is reinforced by a team of experts in the field of technology and innovation. Edgeglassboasts a robust presence in all major cities in India, guaranteeing optimal service delivery.

Mission statement

The vision at Edge glass is to provide users with reliable, effective smart glass technology transforming the workplace into a multi-functional environment apt for improved privacy, productivity, convenience and comfort.

Edge glass provides innovative solutions for all markets industries, including but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Motor vehicles
  • Hospital facilities
  • Service based industries such as hotels
  • Artificial Intelligence.

As the leading provider of smart glass technology. Edgeglass offers a range of products including

  • liquid crystal-based materials
  • film applications
  • controllers


Edgeglass prides itself on excellence. Excellence from consultation, installation, application, through to maintenance and follow up. We guarantee premium service delivery and pledge 100% customer satisfaction of our product. Our service providers supporting clients through every step ensuring the best possible outcome.

Edgeglass is proud to announce its international and domestic business growth, at a rate of ___% in 2018. Edgeglass now operate across India, United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Malaysia, with an increasing presence in the international market due to increasing demand for our high quality products.

We look forward to working for you and with you to transform your workplace. Providing you with state of the art smart glass technology for a better future.

Scope of Smart Glass
Source: Market and Market Research.

Smartglass market is expected to value at over 8 billion USD by 2023. A 40% increase from 2017.

  • Due to increasing weather strains produced by tropic climate conditions, PDLC is essential to block heat absorption and harmful UV rays.
  • Due to the implementation of the government’s green policy initiatives, demand for high performance glass is expected to increase by 17% in the next five years.